Sunday, December 27, 2009

FMOC Readership Survey 2009: Win a $15 Gift Certificate to iTunes!

Nearly a wrap, 2009 is tick-tick-tick-ticking away....

Against the clock, I briefly reflect on the year that was for FMOC.  This is post number 28, my final of 2009.

What started as an experimental, weekly muse in January subsequently became a self-imposed, death-defying biweekly publishing schedule in June. The results, while not altogether measurable, have been favorable—insofar as I am concerned.

While often having to dig deep on Sundays, following fun-filled weekends or before hard-hitting weeks of work, to produce some semblance of content, I managed to put forth intelligible posts on every cycle.

FMOC has been a satisfying experience for me on many fronts, but I can call out a few in particular:

1. It has afforded me a sliver of a presence online, complimenting my life offline.  In a lighthearted way, I have crafted a brand.  We are in a period for/of publishing like none other; the means to produce content is there for all.  To anyone with even a remote interest in creating a blog, book, you name it, wait no more.

2. It has been a tremendous vehicle to keep in touch with friends, old and new alike.  I don't know exactly how many people read FMOC or visit the website, but here and there, I get a comment, online or offline, which justifies the effort I give toward it and reinforces the experience as rewarding to me.

3. To teach is to learn.  FMOC is my chance to learn about random subjects that are of interest to me, and by writing about them, I teach (that is the idea, anyway), therefore increasing my own learning—and writing.

The CEO of Accenture, Bill Green, has been quoted saying, "...we keep one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow."  With his words in mind, I turn an eye toward the year ahead, with a request for your feedback.

It will be your gift to me. I want to know: should I continue to write FMOC in 2010?  And, if so, what improvements can be made to make it more enjoyable to you, the reader?

I quickly assembled a readership survey, using SurveyMonkey.  Its seven questions will take you no longer than two minutes to answer.  Not every question is required (*).  To sweeten the deal, I included one question (number 2) that, if answered correctly, provides a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to iTunes.

Click this link to gain access.  Please be honest in your replies, completing the survey by January 8.

If the general response is to keep FMOC alive, I will consider all suggestions, eventually weaving them into the blog's design, functionality, and most importantly, content.

To everyone who has read thus far, many thanks for one year of satisfaction.  I wish you much happiness, health and prosperity in 2010.  (I have a positive feeling about it... you should too!)

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  1. I am looking forward to reading your 2010 posts. Happy New Year, FMOC!