Sunday, June 28, 2009

Publish or Perish, Fortnightly

It has been two weeks since my last entry, which means one thing… time to post again. Without further ado, let’s get started.

I recently read (for the second time) Good to Great, written by acclaimed author and researcher extraordinaire, Jim Collins. No matter your profession, I highly recommend this book.

Whether it is The Hedgehog Concept or First Who, Then What, armed with examples, Collins elaborately lays out timeless principles that can be simply applied to business or any passion.
They are derived from an unimaginable five years of research.

Collins writes of rigor, and how it is a characteristic endemic to the “good to great” companies. He explains that, if a company performs in the same, consistent manner over time, it will eventually become great.

Thus, with greatness in mind, it is with rigor that I have begun to approach my position as Future Mayor of Cherryhurst.

Further motivated by a comment once made to me by one of my Thunderbird professors, "one must publish or perish to survive in academia," I am applying Collins’ teachings of rigor to my writing. I am doing so to avoid death in the blogosphere.

You see, bloggers are similar to professors in this respect; they must provide fresh content to not only stay relevant and interesting but to remain alive (or online).

In the past few weeks alone, I have seen countless blogs, founded upon dreams of giving off content to eager audiences, either lying dormant or dropping offline. Dreams dashed.

It is my new mission to provide you, the reader, with a single post every two weeks... or, “fortnightly.”

My initial aim was to post once a week, but weekly blogging proved to be too frequent; I felt rushed and unable to deeply dig into topics. I like a weekend in between posts to relax.

More often than not, two weeks is ample time to dive into a subject, publishing decent content and satisfying my curiosity – which, after all, is the intent of this job.

To the extent that the effects of my driving curiosity can also function as useful reading to you, I will be doubly pleased.

As always, feel free to submit comments below with ideas and concepts that you would like to see melded into future posts. You can also hit me with them directly on Facebook or Twitter.

Until the next fortnight, stay posted.

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