Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving On

It's Sunday night of our final Sunday in the Cabochon, Emily's abode for the last three-and-a-half years--and mine for the last year. The building has been fine for us, serving its purpose as a safe, comfortable and convenient accomodation, but it is time to move on, and moving on we are.

Moving on to where, you ask... on to Cherryhurst, a lovely little neighborhood in the Montrose district of Houston. T-minus four days... and we are the permanent residents on Haver Street.

Much to be packed still, yes there is, and not everything is finished in the new place, but we should be comfortably settled in a breath. I must admit, I am ready.

I never looked forward to home ownership. I have never owned a place, and never expected that I would--I write that, half-kidding, as I understand that owning a home, rather than renting, is eventually the financially wiser "move."

Until now, however, I have enjoyed the freedom that comes with not having a house--and a house note. But in this season of turning the page (think Bush-Obama transition), I suppose it is only appropriate that I, too, turn the page and assume the role of homeowner.

Our house will be the cradle of many memories, the foundation for our good living. My hope is that friends, new and old, and family pass through, helping us to make it a home.

May our new home be active and have a welcoming spirit, full of fun and love.

For it is these things that get lost when we speak of home ownership. For it is these things that make a house a home. For it is for these reasons that we are moving on.

Cherryhurst, here we come... moving on.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Steps

So, I have been looking forward to my first post all week. I did a bit of research online to learn about the blogging world, hoping to nail "numero uno." What I did I find?

Many experts in the blogosphere claim that the single most important trait of a quality blog is, guess what, specificity. Well, if you read this blog's description, my intention is to offer variety.

Whoops... strike one.

As for the second tip of which I took note: brevity. Okay, long-winded is not how I imagine people describing me, but I do have everyday thoughts that I was planning to let fly.

I hate to change course and disappoint... but enough from the experts.

Here are a few thoughts for FMOC, quality notwithstanding.

First, I want the content to be interesting.

My reason for writing is partly selfish. I am looking for a way to unload a few thoughts and really find and understand my passions in life. A bit of a search if you will. Naturally, the content should be interesting to me.

I do, however, want to attract and keep an audience. While I am on journey for passion, I do not want to bore you as the reader to tears. This journey is not only mine.

Second, I want this experience to be productive. I do not plan to spend all day on these posts. This blog is in effect a drill to improve my writing and be productive while doing so. I invite you to critique my style.

Two groundrules ought to be sufficient. Let the blogging begin, step by step.

See you next week.