Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Steps

So, I have been looking forward to my first post all week. I did a bit of research online to learn about the blogging world, hoping to nail "numero uno." What I did I find?

Many experts in the blogosphere claim that the single most important trait of a quality blog is, guess what, specificity. Well, if you read this blog's description, my intention is to offer variety.

Whoops... strike one.

As for the second tip of which I took note: brevity. Okay, long-winded is not how I imagine people describing me, but I do have everyday thoughts that I was planning to let fly.

I hate to change course and disappoint... but enough from the experts.

Here are a few thoughts for FMOC, quality notwithstanding.

First, I want the content to be interesting.

My reason for writing is partly selfish. I am looking for a way to unload a few thoughts and really find and understand my passions in life. A bit of a search if you will. Naturally, the content should be interesting to me.

I do, however, want to attract and keep an audience. While I am on journey for passion, I do not want to bore you as the reader to tears. This journey is not only mine.

Second, I want this experience to be productive. I do not plan to spend all day on these posts. This blog is in effect a drill to improve my writing and be productive while doing so. I invite you to critique my style.

Two groundrules ought to be sufficient. Let the blogging begin, step by step.

See you next week.

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