Thursday, January 14, 2010

Survey Says: FMOC Lives on in 2010

Happy New Year!

Here’s a big THANK YOU to all who completed the 2009 Readership Survey.

I don’t plan to go on at length about the results. (Your feedback was primarily for my benefit.) If interested, please contact me directly, and I can share the general sentiments shared.

Nobody nailed the correct number of email subscribers… but since I’d rather give it away than keep it, I’ll send the $15 gift certificate to the person who guessed closest. Correct number: 23.

In the biggest news of all, Future Mayor of Cherryhurst will live on in 2010!

Considering all feedback (mine, included), I’m making a couple of tweaks that will manifest themselves in 2010:

1. New description & future redesign

Although the meaning of FMOC remains the same, the blog’s description has changed to read: “One Man's Quest to Take Office in a Quaint Corner of Montrose.”

On the whole, I like the blog’s look and feel, but the functionality can be improved. In the spirit of continuous improvement in the blogosphere, I’ll work for change.

I’m looking at ways to make the blog more appealing to the passing reader, and especially, more attractive for all readers to make comments.

Ideally, this blog will become a means of communicating with friends and followers alike, all in support of the FMOC campaign.

2. Less regimented schedule & more freewheeling content

The schedule will be less regimented, as will be the content. No longer will I be posting every two weeks.  Posts may come more frequently, maybe less.

A biweekly schedule was useful because it allowed me to publish regularly... to avoid a collapse into the blogging ether. I also wanted to be conscious to not let my blogging interfere with my day job, so I intentionally posted on Sundays. This rigid schedule put undue stress on the Covey household.

The way forward?

Posts are intended to be freewheeling, a reflection of what’s on my mind at the moment—a complement to the daily proceedings of life. They will probably be shorter and (hopefully) to the point—as is the case with the blog’s description.

This year brings a looser and more spontaneous mayoral candidate… do keep reading, and enjoy:-)

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