Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

Earlier this year, when fall fell upon us, I took the time to write Fall Means Football Season.

What I have realized since then is that fall, in fact, does mean football season. But as for this fall, it also means weddings. And by that I mean five weddings in six weeks!

Emily and I have had the pleasure—and “I do” mean pleasure—of attending all five. This weekend marked the final one of the run. Hallelujah.

Emily and I are both from Houston, two years apart in age. We attended the University of Texas, obtaining the same degree while there but never knowing each other. Although we are from the same city and attended the same college, we have enough years between us that our circles of friends are not the same. There is some crossover among them, but not a lot.

We are lucky to have as many friends as we do. However, it can make for a busy schedule, socially, when many of them are marrying in such a short span. That’s what happened this fall.

To protect the innocent, I will not provide details of any of the nuptial events, but will briefly expand on a handful of observations that I find noteworthy upon reflection of their happening.

Of the five weddings, in three, Emily’s friends were tying the knot, and in the remaining two, my friends were. Nary a one included mutual friends as the bride and groom. Meaning, it is likely that I would not have been invited to three and she would not have been invited two had we ourselves not been married.

Of the five weddings, in three, one of us was in the wedding party—she in two and I in one. So, in those cases, not only were we attending these ceremonies and receptions (all on Saturdays), we were also attending the rehearsal dinners (all on Fridays), among other wedding-related activities. Three of our fall weekends were planned by people other than us.

Of the five weddings, four were in Houston. Three of those four took place at the same local country club. The fifth wedding took place in Dallas. And all of the weddings were “Texas-sized.”

Of the five weddings, two took place at the same time as University of Texas football games, approved by engaged UT grads and longtime Longhorn fans, the bride in one wedding, and the groom in the other. This, despite Mack Brown’s counsel to schedule weddings around games in a Texas Monthly article, Come Early. Be Loud. Cash In., issued in 2008.

Of the five weddings, all were fancy, with tons of tasty food and limitless drink, of which I partook on every occasion. Fortunately, no major hitches (fainting or jilted brides, etc.) transpired at any of them.  Remarkable, really.

With that, I wish all of our wedded friends much love and happiness—and thanks. For the truest form of happiness to me comes now, as today marks the end of a season... the wedding season. Lucky for us all, fall continues, which can only mean one thing: it is still football season!

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