Monday, November 2, 2009

Jolly, Orange Jerseys, and Two Dead Guys

Never one to get pumped up about putting on a costume for Halloween, or to get into the haunting "spirit," I approached this year’s holiday no differently than I had any other in my post-college years: none too excited.

An exception is that it was the first All Hallow's Eve that we have spent in Cherryhurst.

In addition to first-time homeownership, 2009 brings on a series of firsts, especially as we find the holiday season upon us. (I can picture it now... our first Christmas tree!)

One of these firsts was carving a pumpkin. Emily and I spent an hour transforming ours into a jack-o’-lantern on Friday night. It turned out okay.

(Jolly is born; photo courtesy of Emily Covey)

We named the smiling calabash “Jolly” and set him outside to welcome trick-or-treaters, a singular task which he succeeded in performing.

(Jolly, lighted and awaiting trick-or-treaters; photo courtesy of Emily Covey)

We were out of candy to give before the night ended! Supposedly many of the kids had been brought into the neighborhood from others in the city—a surprise to all three of us. Jolly held up fine, in spite of all the foot traffic.

This year’s Halloween fell on Saturday, so there was also a fortunate coincidence that the Texas Longhorns (my alma mater of the famed burnt orange colored jerseys) were playing football. They faced the Oklahoma State Cowboys, a team that wears a brighter shade of orange, defeating them handily, stepping one game closer to the 2010 Citi BCS National Championship Game.

On hand to quaff we had a couple bombers of Dead Guy Ale, produced by Rogue Ales of Oregon, capturing the theme of the night accordingly.

As Halloweens go, this year’s was full of firsts and surprises. But Jolly, orange jerseys, and two dead guys made it more memorable than I was expecting.

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