Sunday, February 22, 2009

How's Beer and a Movie?

While many people, Emily included, eagerly watch the Academy Awards tonight, I sit to issue Volume 1: Blog #6. Yep... five blogs deep, and I am still in the game.

Emily and I took off to the hills of Austin for some R&R after having been in H'town since before the beginning of this year. It is hard to believe that we had not left the city for seven weeks.

It was time for a departure, indeed.

Late on Friday night, on our way into town, we made a visit to the Alamo Drafthouse. Not the original theater downtown, but a franchise location in the northwest part of town, in what is evidently Austin's suburbia.

What an idea for the ages: combining beer and a movie.

I ordered Real Ale Brewing Company's Shade Grown Coffee Porter. It was stout and delicious. Emily went for the Drafthouse Amber Ale, made by Independence Brewing Company. I tasted hers, and enjoyed its rich flavor.

As for the movie, it was helpful that we had brew to go with it. The Reader was at the same time engaging and depressing, set through a period of forty or so years in Berlin following World War II. The story begins with love--lots of it--and ends with total sadness.

The movie-going experience was fun and unique. Props to the guys behind Alamo Drafthouse. Keep your beer selection as local as possible, your movies interesting and return we shall!

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