Sunday, February 1, 2009

For me, Super Bowl. For her, Super Swirl.

It is a super Sunday, our first in Cherryhurst. A Super Bowl Sunday. A Super Swirl Sunday.

A majority of the nation, many in the world, and half of our Cherryhurst home will be feasting its eyes on today's game, featuring the Cardinals of Arizona against the Steelers of Pittsburg.

Emily, my better half, who does not plan to watch, is frenetically readying our home for long-term living with her sister, Laura. A veritable swirl of activity and organizing.

Thank goodness for their efforts, or I would be living sparsley for the foreseeable future. Instead, I am up and going, already comfortable and productive.

The past few days have been stressful, between our move, which we finally finished yesterday, and a crazy week at work. Today is a good day to settle. One of my best friends, William, came by for a cup of java and discussion of entreprenurial endeavors, a common pursuit for us both.

There is no internet access, nor is there cable. Both services are supposed to come on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I am surripticiously getting the Net on a neighbor's unprotected wireless network.

Emily and I bought a TV earlier this week. A 40-inch, Samsung flat screen. It is slick, and with an analog antenna, purchased for a mere $12.59 at Best Buy, we can fetch all local HD channels.

That brings me back to today's game. It is televised through NBC, Channel 2 locally in Houston, which means I can watch right here on Haver.

For me, a Super Bowl. For Emily, a Super Swirl. Our first Sunday in Cherryhurst is super.

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