Friday, May 4, 2012

A Gift of Love

Elena Kay Covey on Day 15
A daughter is a gift of love. - Unknown

Emily gave me an iPhone for my birthday in March, which was a major facelift to my communications repertoire. Further, I just finished Steve Jobs, the biography, so I'm excited about Apple and its sleek products and their capabilities.

Via my new do-everything device, I've found two technologies that I like and am confident will continue to shape the way we create photos and communicate: Instagram and TumblrThe birth of our beautiful child, Elena, was the driving reason for my initial interest in them.

On the day Elena was born, I loaded Instagram onto the phone, and my use of the app has kindled a new-found liking for photography. I've been using it to capture what I can of the precious moments in her first two-plus weeks. I'm on a streak to date, having snapped at least one photo of her per day.

Since Instagram is an app only and provides no webpage to store and view portfolios (an interesting aside in terms of where mobile technology is headed), I created a shortform blog with Tumblr to post photos of Elena online. (Note: Instagram does allow for sharing pictures with a multitude of sites, Tumblr included, and robust sharing within the app itself.)

Give the tumblelog a look here. While the pictures online now are of Elena only, my intention is to diversify what's there, probably moving the majority of those taken of her onto a private page.

Enjoy my pictures of the greatest gift... that of love, that of a daughter, that of little Elena.

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