Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Need to Change: Video Blogging

In his legendary country music track, Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way, the late, great Waylon Jennings, sang, “We need to change.”

It is with that timeless phrase that I introduce my initial video blog.

Till now, blogging to me has meant words of text, with the occasional photo and outbound link included therein.

Hardly “the same old tune, fiddle and guitar,” this blog has enabled me to experience the craft of writing, which will no doubt continue.  However, by incorporating video to my posts now and again, I shoot to make it more dynamic and interactive.

Where to begin?  In Austin for SXSW, I put my fancy Flip Video to its first use.

One of my close pals and partner in adventure, William (see guest post here), and I stopped by Rosita’s Al Pastor, a charming curbside taco stand in East Austin, to grab a bite before catching the Flaming Lips play a show later that night.

The result… not perfect, but a start.  Buen provecho.

Watch out for improved video blogging from Future Mayor of Cherryhurst.  Enjoy the change.

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